Beyond the last blue mountain.....

The Final Summit's been two weeks now since we completed The 100 Peaks Challenge and to say the post-challenge blues have set in is an understatement of epic proportions. Don't get me wrong being back home with my family is the best thing ever, especially after a month of what we had to endure. The moment the hotel door opened in the Travel Lodge in Merthyr, the night before we completed the Challenge, to reveal my littleman and gorgeous wife standing there, will live with me as one of the most precious moments of my life, ever.

However, there's something magical about pitting your wits against everything that nature can throw at you (bar midgie hell), which is immeasurably a lot easier to tolerate than being back in the daily big city grind, which poetically itches like midgie hell! There is no substitute for the freedom that affords you.

Over two years ago I had an idea, and I nurtured that idea (with some pretty significant help) into reality, on three fronts it has been successful. We created the tribute to Lloydy I always envisioned, we bagged 100 Peaks throughout the UK all above 2000ft (of which 47 were above 3000ft and included 18 Munros and the majority of the Welsh and Lakes 3000's). And probably the thing I'm most proud of is, how many people the idea has touched, whilst not all could join us on the mountains, the change that people have made in their own lives, as a result of being inspired by the idea, is truly humbling.

We had three targets though and whilst the tribute and Challenge itself was a success, the financial target of raising £100,000.00 still alludes us, but we will remain focused on trying to get as close as we can over the coming months.

We are sitting at around £35,000.00 which I know is amazing, and although the job might be done, we're not there yet.......

Please continue to support the guys that need it most!

This little ditty is more a reflection on life post the Challenge and a chance to say thank you, I will over the coming weeks begin to write about the Challenge and the idea, the build up to it and of course Lloydy, with the intention maybe of it becoming something a bit more 'solid' than my blog. That's still up for debate, but it's been an incredible journey so maybe it demands to be written in that way. We'll see!

For now I just wish to thank my partners in crime, the FULL Challenge Team, Scott Wealthall, Paul Southernwood, James Nicholson & Caria Ammerlaan. Thank you for everything you sacrificed, not only for the sake of the Challenge but in preparation for it, not to mention the memories made and the belief you showed in the idea and the desire to be part of it. Those that joined us along the way, Chris Dougherty, Alex Forryan, Jules Valentine, Andrew Heller, Dave Rigg, Charlotte Glass, Jay Prior and everyone that joined us for the Final Fan, Jonathan Morgan, Nick Hore, Tracy Purnell, Luke Jezierski, Rob Paine and Mick Henderson. Thank you all for wanting to be part of this craziness!

Thank you especially to our amazing Support Team, without which none of it would have been possible. Theresa Whatling, Gadge, Lesley Kemp, Laura McLellan, Kim Treece & Kevin Burke, you're all truly amazing and we owe you a lot.

To all of those that supported and made the dream a reality, words don't cover the gratitude I feel, Sean Linehan, Barry & Kat Jones, Gary Campbell (First Military Recruitment), The Ordnance Survey, Antony Ince, John Nicholson, Kieran Rafferty & Trek MK, Iain Harris Physio Solutions, The Blackberry Clinic & Zoe Browne, M4 Vans & Minibuses, Chris Briseley, Darren Hutchings, Scimitar Sports, Sheffield Hallam University (Dr Nick Tiller & David Harrison), Avalanche Endurance Events (Ken Jones & Stuart Bigg and the patrons of AEE), Ben Doyle Cox & Platatac & Michael Dee and Anglers Charity Auctions, words fail me with the support you've given us.

(If I've missed anyone please know that wasn't my intention, there are so many people that have contributed massively to this Challenge, and I'm grateful on so many levels to all).

Thank you as well to all our families for the incredible support you've given your loved ones, throughout the build up and of course through the month and on the final day. The sight of being able to witness everyone together, made it truly one of the most special experiences ever and only ensured a very emotional occasion, was even more so xxx

For me being able to share the final day on top of the final peak with all you incredible people and of course the icing on the cake my gorgeous wife and little man (who got himself all the way up to the summit) will be something I will treasure for the rest of my days, thank you all for giving me that memory and so many along the way.

My wife also deserves special thanks for having to endure so much over the last few years at the expense of me chasing this dream and if truth be told, without her, without the love and support she unequivocally constantly gave me it wouldn't have been possible. Thank you baby for allowing me to to do something crazy and enabling us to create something truly special. I love you xxxxx

And finally, little brother, I hope where ever you may have been on 16th June, that you were looking down and smiling knowing that so many people have been inspired by you and helped me pay tribute to the man you were and will always be. My heart walks with you always lil bro, always a little further xxx

".....and so for a time it looked as if all the adventures were coming to an end; but that was not to be."

#Team100Peaks #BeABlackSheep


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