A little catch up - Paras 10 Colly

It's been a while since I've written a post and there's possibly a fair bit to bring everyone up to speed on! It's been a bit of a crazy 12 months or so since the details of The 100 Peaks Challenge were announced, most of my spare time is taken up now either training for or planning the Challenge, luckily I have a very understanding wife and some incredible people doing all they can to make it happen and reduce the burden.

Firstly we'll start with The Paras'10 at Colly back in November! With posts on Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion, Winter Fan Dance and 100 Peaks Update to follow.....

PARAS'10 COLCHESTER - 15.11.15

My first effort at the Paras'10 was back in September 2012 at Catterick, myself and so many incredible friends (17 in total) signed up for that event, it seems like time ago now. But that event alone was the catalyst for what has since gone and what is still to come.

This was No. 6 and still I hadn't got anywhere near close to breaking the 1hr 50, the closest I'd got was 1hr 58 at Colly in 2012. This year though with The 100 Peaks Challenge really beginning to take shape and the discipline that I've instilled in myself with my training over the last 18 months, I knew that standing on the start line I'd be in a fairly decent place this time. We arrived in good time and were greeted by 100 Peaks Tees everywhere and our own tent set up on Abbey Field courtesy of Dave and Ness and Agile Momentum. The momentum with which the Challenge has gathered has been amazing and it still humbles me seeing so many incredible people representing it and puffing out their chests and cracking on.

Having been delayed from July earlier in the year due to the heat there was no such issue on a typical November day! As is customary now I have my family and close friends there to wave us off and I get a massive buzz from that. When the gun went off I just remember settling in to a nice pace early, almost bumping into Bear at the gates going into barracks, I think he'd literally sprinted from his van and over the start line, it's not like Bear to be late! 

The course was wet as expected and the crossings fun as always, and all in all my race was relatively uneventful, in so much as every time I glanced at my watch I was averaging 10/11min miles, so if I could maintain that I knew I'd be in with a chance of finally breaking 1hr 50. I remember seeing Pete Lavelle a few hundred yards ahead of me at about 5 miles and thought if I can keep him in sight I know I'll be there or there abouts come the end. 

By the time we were making our way back out of Friday Woods I'd caught Pete up, we chatted a little and cracked on. I started to get a little nervous about my time, it's 2 miles from that stretch back to the finish line and I was 1hr 25 to that point, it was touch and go if I didn't maintain the pace I was going at. I dug in and as I got to the gates I could hear the crowd cheering those that were crossing the finish line and half way on to the field, all of a sudden I could hear my lot shouting my name. I gave a little spurt and crossed the line in 1hr 45. A new PB by some 13 minutes, the training and the effort put in over the months, there and then highlighted. After 6 attempts I allowed myself a proud smile when I was greeted by my family and gave them all honking hugs! 

As well as my family being a wonderful part of this, this event was responsible for creating this incredible family that I feel very fortunate to be part of and what's more to see them all crossing the finish line with the 100 Tees on is beyond amazing, the next Paras'10 at Colly in May this year promises to be very special indeed!

Big love to you all!


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