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Spa day par excellence!

The concept of a spa day is as alien to me as carrying 70lb on my back, although the latter became a reality last Sunday (20th September). The Spa day however, well that's just a dream but there was a lot of mud involved, some swimming, and there was definitely no dressing gown or towling slippers!
The weekend began with our first Core Management Team Meeting for The 100 Peaks Challenge, the subject of which will command it's own, very much overdue blog post.
#BeInspired #BeInspiring - THE 100 PEAKS CHALLENGE
Once the meeting was done it was a hot footing exercise to Brecon. Everyone who knows me knows how much the Avalanche events mean to me, I'd missed out on Ironman because of the London Marathon and expected that I'd miss out on Ricochet too because of the date falling on the weekend of the first opportunity we had to get The 100 Peaks CMT together. Luckily KJ was relaxed as to when I could get myself there.
My training in the last few months has consisted of base mile…