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The Job is Done.....well almost!As I write this 'London Marathon Withdrawal' has well and truly set in. The marathon becomes a big part of your life from the moment you find out that you have a place, so I guess it's only natural, that you feel a little empty after it's done. I have other challenges to prepare for in the coming months, which I love being a part of, but the marathon is a special day and anyone that's experienced it will know exactly what I mean.  Hell, if hundreds of thousands of people get swept away by the occasion, then that's all the proof that's needed. Personally, I couldn't sell the event enough, and if you could bottle the energy you are afforded by your own supporters and the crowds as you make your way around the course, you have the potential to cure most of the worlds ills! London Marathon Sunday is when London is at its most magical, and it's people at their best. It may seem a strange thing to say, but anyone who has to…