It's that time of year again..........

...........the New Year, new me epidemic once again passes me by, I'm kinda comfortable with the old me, and besides when it comes to resolutions, being the best version of myself is all I can be. Besides my lil bro said "don't go changing", I haven't, although others may have a different perspective. I've learnt over the last few years, just being me isn't enough for some people, but I've got to a point in my life where I don't give a sh*t about that anymore. All that matters is those that choose to believe in me and the man I am. Maybe that's a bit deep for the first blog post of the year, however, reflection is a remarkable thing........out with the old and in with the new and all that. 

I'm lucky to be surrounded by some wonderful people, and luckier still to be gifted with such an incredible wife and a very beautiful little boy. Coupled with the example my brother set and the pride I have in him, I will keep doing what I've been doing and driving on. So as I begin the process of focusing on the challenges ahead for the year, I can look over my shoulder and know I have all I need to get me through. 

First up, as is now the norm, is the Fan Dance. 15.5 miles of brutality, which to be fair after Point to Point doesn't feel quite as brutal anymore. However, I know that I will, as I always do, curse myself and Lloydy for putting myself through it again. But it's him and the guys I do the 'Dance' with that keeps me coming back, and not least Ken Jones and the DS at AEE for affording us mere mortals the opportunity to do so. Ken's embryonic idea sketched in a Starbucks has turned in to something incredible and I can only hope that it continues to be a success, because if you had the pleasure to meet the man, you'd know why I and so many others feel that way. 

I know come this Saturday, when I'm huddled up at the Red Phone Box, looking at that first climb from the A470 that I've got my work cut out. Point to Point compounded the 'bio mechanical' issues that I've developed through the volume of training and events I've done since Lloydy passed and I've haven't trained since, let alone tabbed or ran in anger. But this is my fourth Fan now and I know I have the heart and desire to get it done, irrespective of how much I've been able to do. You also have to factor in the camaraderie, the 'family' because that makes a massive difference, plus I'm not in the habit of letting my little brother down (although he'll be the judge of that one day). Getting up Jacobs and placing my little tribute to him @ RV3 is what keeps me going, along with all the incredible support I receive, because it does get tough out there and they are pretty powerful reserves to call upon when you need them. 

Next up will be getting the knees sorted properly and cranking up the training volume for the London Marathon. Sunday Post-Fan marks 15 weeks until Marathon Sunday, which is 5 more weeks than I had last year to prepare, so that can only be a good thing! However, I've set myself the target of 3:30 this year and I know I'll be extremely hard on myself if I don't give myself the best chance to achieve that target. The other target is of course trying to raise as much as I can again for The ABF the Soldiers Charity, the support I've received has been amazing. Visit their page and familiarise yourself with what they do, they are a fantastic charity. I'm very proud and very glad to have this opportunity to support them once again. Please spread my page, support comes in many forms, not just donations and I'm grateful for every share as much as I am for every penny

At some point I'll also be signing up for the PARAS'10 PCOY Challenge, this is an event that means an awful lot to me, it's where it all began, and the year wouldn't be complete without taking part in it. As is always the case my PARACHARITY page remains open and my support of the event and the charity will always be important to me. 

Therefore, to you all, thank you for the incredible continued support, to my friends, I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday and the events to come. And to my wife, thank you for always being my rock (xxxx). 

Blue skies Little Brother, always a little further xxx.


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