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Spa day par excellence!

The concept of a spa day is as alien to me as carrying 70lb on my back, although the latter became a reality last Sunday (20th September). The Spa day however, well that's just a dream but there was a lot of mud involved, some swimming, and there was definitely no dressing gown or towling slippers!
The weekend began with our first Core Management Team Meeting for The 100 Peaks Challenge, the subject of which will command it's own, very much overdue blog post.
#BeInspired #BeInspiring - THE 100 PEAKS CHALLENGE
Once the meeting was done it was a hot footing exercise to Brecon. Everyone who knows me knows how much the Avalanche events mean to me, I'd missed out on Ironman because of the London Marathon and expected that I'd miss out on Ricochet too because of the date falling on the weekend of the first opportunity we had to get The 100 Peaks CMT together. Luckily KJ was relaxed as to when I could get myself there.
My training in the last few months has consisted of base mile…


The Job is Done.....well almost!As I write this 'London Marathon Withdrawal' has well and truly set in. The marathon becomes a big part of your life from the moment you find out that you have a place, so I guess it's only natural, that you feel a little empty after it's done. I have other challenges to prepare for in the coming months, which I love being a part of, but the marathon is a special day and anyone that's experienced it will know exactly what I mean.  Hell, if hundreds of thousands of people get swept away by the occasion, then that's all the proof that's needed. Personally, I couldn't sell the event enough, and if you could bottle the energy you are afforded by your own supporters and the crowds as you make your way around the course, you have the potential to cure most of the worlds ills! London Marathon Sunday is when London is at its most magical, and it's people at their best. It may seem a strange thing to say, but anyone who has to…

Well it's finally here..........

..........after what seems like a long hard Winter of rehab and training, London Marathon Weekend has arrived. It's Friday as I write this, and I'll probably keep this short, and leave the full blown version of what this post could be until the job is done.

As last year I'm running for the ABF The Soldiers Charity, I obviously don't need to explain why, it's a charity I'm very proud to support and this year the 'Running Army' has grown and has become an even better group than it was last year. The support within the group has been immense and it's been a real privilege once again to be part of it. I'm very much looking forward to being part of a great occasion with some truly great people. If the Forces mean something to you and you want to have a crack at the Marathon, please pledge your support to them and do something amazing, I promise you, you won't regret it. 

I must admit I did wonder at a few points because of my injuries, whether I…

The Virgin Money London Marathon Training.....

.....and the announcement of a 'little' challenge!

Truth be told when I rocked up to the start line of the Winter Fan Dance it was a decision I knew I was likely to regret, not because of the event and how tough it can be, but because I knew I was taking a chance with my knees. I was only three weeks into a physio rehab programme and had only just been given the go ahead to 'return to running'. Not too mention I had cancelled my appointment on the Wednesday prior to the Fan Dance, just in case my physio tried to talk me out of it, which she would have been in her right to have done. 
When I finished the Fan Dance I wasn't thinking of the repercussions of the potential damage or the set back I was facing, I was too ecstatic at smashing my previous times on the Fan by some considerable margin, which considering I hadn't trained with a pack since Point to Point, meant the endorphin's lasted well into the Monday after.
Monday during the course of the day I was beg…

If you're going through hell..........

.........keep going! Winston Churchill said that! Personally I tend to approach it thus, if you're going through hell, do so with a big f**k off grin on your face! 


When I look back at the Fan Dances I've taken part in (3 up to this winter), one thing has always been evident, that I've had to rely heavily on sheer guts, determination, grit and a very big grin to get it done, the fear of failing playing heavily on my mind. Even last Summer, when I'd been the fittest I'd been for some time, I struggled badly with cramp and blisters and recorded a time that took me a long time to get over. 
This Winter I really wasn't sure what would be the outcome, I hadn't been able to train since coming off the Point to Point March back in mid-November, and by train I mean run and tab. I had been able to use the bike and in the last couple of weeks before the Fan Dance use strengthening exercises to try and get the left knee stronger and ready for the…