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Point to Point - 15/16th November 2014

"If there's a mountain you're going up it"
........was the phrase uttered by Ken during the Briefing on Saturday evening, it was the phrase still ringing in the ears when we set off as a group, myself, the Brothers Massey and  Tim @ 0615, after being given our first grid to RV1 on Sunday morning.
Let's back track to the beginning though....

The build up to "Point to Point" had been a frantic race to get somewhere near prepared. Out for so long with injury, I worked myself hard to get miles and hours in the bank with and without the bergen on, finding whatever hills I could to scramble up and down. I remember thinking at the time it's not gonna help too much considering the terrain I knew we'd be facing.....but it did make a difference and I'm glad now that I stuck to it.

The Sunday before "Point to Point", I got myself out of bed at 0345 (because it was rumoured that we may well be parading at 0400 the following Sunday) and strapped t…