I know it's probably a little premature to suggest that 2012 is coming to an end, but for me, 2012 has been about reaching certain Milestones and dealing with them best I can, achieving my goals and getting my smile back. The first milestone was the anniversary of Lloydy's death, and although, losing him, or the feelings that his loss evokes will never leave me, celebrating him and his life, will always be foremost in my mind. As the months roll by, the heartache dulls, it will never leave me, it can't, but the sadness is slowly giving way to the pride, the love and the laughs. He was, is a special man, he wouldn't have achieved all that he did, both personally and professionally, if he wasn't. He had a drive and a determination that should be used as an example and he lived his life to the fullest. In his 32 years he did more than most will accomplish in a lifetime, and he certainly left an indelible mark on the world. He certainly left his mark on me, and on all those he loved, that loved him, and those he served with. His life, his love, him, will continue to serve as our inspiration for the days, weeks, months and years ahead, everyday my little brother will drive us on, and the star he is will continue to guide us, of that I'm sure of..........





2013 awaits, and with the challenges already mapping themselves out in front of me and us, I can't wait to be standing shoulder to shoulder with my friends again as we take on those challenges. It has been an amazing year and together we've achieved so much, but it doesn't stop.....we don't rest on those achievements because there's still an awful lot of celebrating to do, and there's always a little further to go! 


  1. He would be so proud of you mate, of that I have no doubt! Allthough I did not know him, if he was half the man you are he must have been an amazing guy! And whilst I did not know him, the way in which you speak and write about him I wish had. The way you write about him and the things you say bring him to life every time, gone but never forgotten. Stay strong my good man, chin up, dig in, crack on and smile that big smile of yours! Heroes, the pair of you!

    Tim Donati-Ford


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