It's been a while....... I thought I'd better write, especially as the Colchester event is all but 5 days away, and weirdly I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not sure if it's confronting the challenge again, the camaraderie, or the euphoric state of bliss as you make your way up to the finishing line with everyone cheering you on, or indeed a combination of all three. Even now, 6 weeks on, the sensation upon finishing at Catterick, lives with me, that feeling as I crossed that line, that Lloydy was with me, not quite blowing out his ring, but enough to make me feel better about myself, will never leave me! Sunday will have a slightly different feel, it's my home town, it's where I've obviously spent a lot of my life, it was obviously where he spent a lot of his career, and I dare say there'll be some familiar faces there to greet me or abuse me, whichever the case may be, however, I'm pretty certain both will be gratefully received!

Sundays event will mark the end of my efforts for the year, event wise anyway. Monday morning, Caroline and I fly out to Paphos, with our nearest and dearest to be married, and I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect, other than to have Lloydy with me, but I know, as with everyday when I've needed him he'll be there and I don't doubt that come 4pm on 26th October he'll be by my side then to! However the training carries on, a rolling stone gathers no moss, and until this stone can roll no more, no moss will grow. When I thought about doing this challenge I could only hope that it would become what it has, they way it has brought us all together has been amazing, and to achieve what we have has gone way beyond the aspirations I had, which were to be fair, to coin a phrase was just to "crawl across the finish line using my eyelids if I have to!"

When I think about next years challenges I know that come March I'll be in Aldershot, July in Colchester and September in Catterick. The Fan Dance in January is now a no go, as I've decided that maybe it's time just to have a little rest from putting so much pressure on myself and just having a bit of quality time for a few months with my very gorgeous wife, I think I've earnt that. And besides a few months rest will only make me hungrier and ready for more, to surpass the achievements of this year and to make brighter still the legacy of my darling little brother. I want to thank you all, for what you have helped us achieve, because without that support our efforts wouldn't have seemed quite so great. This year we planted an acorn, I'm determined to see it grow into a mighty oak, I guess as an analogy that's pretty apt. 

You are and always will be my inspiration, my hero little brother - blue skies xxx


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