Bloody Hamstrings, Sand, Lonely Hearts and not so Lonely Hearts.....

.......all crammed into one weekend. Peckle (James or Oompa) got things rolling Saturday morning, posting a snap of himself, sweating again, he is a sweaty little bugger, an action shot to boot, in kit, Bergen on, arm extended in front of face (to take said photo), and once again I can't help that think his pursuit of a wife would be better served by posting slightly less sweaty pics of himself. So please ladies, if you're reading this and a sweaty little Peckle is your bag, then please get in touch, you could be 'The One' he is determined (desperate) to find - you never know he could be the Charlie to your Chocolate Factory! 

Para Charity? Free to a good home!
Some of the boys (Cooper, Pete, Bear, John and Jono) got together at Coops Saturday afternoon, for a little beasting, followed by a BBQ. A run of  close to 8 miles, with weight, in boots (for some), saw varying degrees of success. Success it seemed, was measured predominantly by John (Midds) who was on his leaving do from work the previous evening, success was not throwing Jono into the bushes as he pushed him out of the way in an attempt to not throw up over the boys or indeed not throwing up at all. The boys sensed something was wrong, when they kept asking if he was ok, and they only got a one word answer 'yep'! He managed to get through 4.2m before calling it a day, by that point the nausea and dizziness had really set in, so a gentle walk back was called for. For the most part the boys all got through ok, although a few niggles that seem to always be there, still continue to be there, but the consensus is that everyone's feeling a lot more confident about the task ahead. For me the Hamstrings still continue to cause me problems, every time I start to really push on, the hammies drag me back, it's so soul destroying, especially being so close to the event. Physio is booked for Wednesday, and I'm hoping he can shed some light on the problem, but for the meantime, my #gettingaheadofthegames ploy is still operational, but instead of running into work with my weighted Bergen on, it will have to be a march instead. Shall have to be getting myself in the pool too, just to keep me ticking over, but bad hammies or not, I will crawl around that course if I have to!

The Boys - Pre-run (hence the smiles)
Sunday was also spent prepping the Bergen for the event, building sand parcels! 10 No. bags of 1.5kg and 1 odd bag of what was left 600gms! I'm not sure how easy it is going to be packing it all in there so it's comfortable, but there's still 6 weeks to figure it out! 

Sunday Fun, playing in the Sand!!
Cousin Craig continues to impress not only with his training but his attitude, he really is doing Lloydy proud, 10 miles Friday night was followed by a conversation Saturday afternoon, that gave me gooseys just listening to the enthusiasm and determination in his voice - so proud of you all boys!


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