Well well well.... 3 months to go..... I had better get odd the sofa......Just kidding, I have just completed  60 minutes with full kit and boots! I will not lie, I struggled for the first 10 minutes trying to find a steady rhythm and with a few tweaks of the bergen straps that was me, 2 minutes doing the brecon shuffle 1 minute speed march.
Head down ass up seemed to be the order of the day, especially on the steep inclines, it seems all the strength and plyometric training I have been doing is paying off as the legs seemed to hold up well.....Until I stopped and I was like a weeble wobble.....left shin flared up, no pain no gain eh!

"Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body"

I am looking forward to the next 3 months and the punishment that will be bestowed on us..... by Karl if we forget dose him up on haribo!
Yes that is me (PECKLE) with a scale picture of me and Haribo Cola bottle.....other brand cola bottles are available at all good retailers!

Happy Training chaps! 


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