.......is flying by, and as we creep (or limp as the case may be) into April, the word running through the group seems to be 'progress'. For me personally I'm dipping under 15st on the scales for the first time in quite a while, starting out at 16 and a 1/4st in Mid-Jan (almost a stone and half gone). A complete change in regime and an absolute desire to not miss an opportunity to do some form of training really is driving me forward. Don't get me wrong there are days, when regardless the body (the shins and knees especially) just doesn't want to play ball. I've changed my running style too now, and am also beginning to notice the benefits of that. John continues to progress after his long enforced lay-off, again as most of us, having the occasional bad day, although at the moment he's at odds to determine what he likes least, running or rowing! Luckily Pete seems to be reliably at Johns side, and together they are churning out some miles. A few of the boys have also been measuring their progress against the Para Fitness test and in all cases coming in as 'recruits', hopefully by the time September gets here, we would have stepped that up a bit!

John's Test
Peck's Test
With just a little under 3 weeks until Coley is smashing up the Virgin London Marathon, he has knocked out his final big prep run, and knocking up some impressive times, especially over distance, coming in at not a lot over
7min/miles. The guy's a machine - please make sure you show your support for him and fill the coffers of his sponsorship pot. 

After much huffing and puffing I have managed to get the boys tied down to a date for a first proper 'Yorkie' beasting, the weekend of May 18th we will be found in a field somewhere, doing what men do in the wilderness, making fire, eating sausages and getting muddy! It will be the first opportunity for us all to be together as a group and for those of the group that don't know each other, to get to know each other. Should be plenty of banter being flung about with the mud!

In addition to my stupid self doing the Colchester event (which I have now officially signed up for), Coley, Craig and a very good friend Stephen Elliott will also be running the event with me. Stevie knew Lloydy very well and were close friends so for me it's an honour to be doing the event with him and it will ensure that the Colchester event is every bit as special as the Catterick event. It's just a shame a few of the other boys can't be talked into it.................(although some of them, have a valid excuse, as they'll already be in Cyprus, waiting for Caroline and I to arrive for our wedding)!


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