Unlike Jono........

........James and I managed to go new wheels shopping and actually by a complete pair! My purchase was brought on by 11 miles of sheer agony Saturday morning, when for the first time in a long while shin splints hit me hard and instead of doing the sensible thing and going home, I was determined they wouldn't beat me, eventually they subsided or were just subduded by the pain in my knees, I'm not sure which! My gladitorial spirit was only matched by my determination to get rid of the old and get in the new. The trainers that I have been running in are in excess of 10 years old, and have never been subjected to the punishment they have taken from my pounding over the last 6 to 8 weeks. The shooting pains up the inside of my shins, were pretty obvious when I hobbled through the door, sadly Emmins wasn't there to take pity, so then by the time I'd climbed the three floors to our bedroom, where she was grooming herself, exhausted from my efforts and everything aching it was damn obvious and I declared "I don't care what else we do today, but I'm getting new running shoes", she didn't offer any objections, other than I smelt bad, was soaking wet and was in need of a shower to make me nicer to know! After eventually loading myself up with protein via Nando's we get to Up & Running, where I'm greeted with a multitude of running shoes and for the life of me I can't remember anything about my fit, anyway after running around the store like a madman, almost knocking small children into oblivion, we determine I have a neutral gait and 3 pairs of shoes later the new wheels are fitted. Shame they couldn't give me an MOT whilst I was in there too!


Rushy's New Wheels

Peckle's New Wheels (slightly gayer version)


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