6 months........

.........and counting DOWN! Rapidly!Which also means it only just over 7 months until my wedding, which we fly out for the day after Paras'10 Colchester. Get two for the price of one people, you get supporting and I'll do both events and suffer the wrath of my Future Wife! I can hear her in my ear now....."you better not get injured" and Emmins if you're reading this, it's all you fault, you put the idea in my head!

I have been pounding the streets, ensuring people know who we're supporting, the T-shirts are getting some serious miles in now, and getting drenched to be fair! Still no H4H yet though, still look like a bag of conkers in it!



The training has really stepped up now and I personally can feel myself getting stronger and fitter every week, not sure my knees would agree though. I'm currently averaging 3 runs a week at about 20 miles collectively, with strength work thrown in on rest days. The 'lbs' are definitely coming off as are the minutes and the resting heart rate is coming down too, so all moving in the right direction. I'm hoping that by Mid-April I will be at fighting weight and can begin the conditioning and building work. John continues to gather momentum after his knee troubles although still under physios order, his training is beginning to pick up, which is great for him. Adam did the Bath Half at the weekend and nailed a 1hr44, a more than decent 8min/miling! Congrats buddy.


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