Is this the start of something Super?

Hero is a word to easily banded about, but I know when it comes to my brother, and everyone else that puts their lives on the line for our nations protection, it strikes me that the word Hero doesn't really cut it. I'm fortunate enough to have been introduced to my brothers world, and am lucky to be able to call a lot of the guys my friends, in some cases brother, and I can honestly say with complete and utter certainty that what those guys put themselves through personally in the pursuit of protecting Queen and country is not only humbling but inspiring. So Pecks account, whilst sitting waiting for the lights to change in Colly High Street really does serve as a reminder, that the inpiration for what we are trying to achieve, really is there when we need it most. Me personally, I'm inspired by the very idea that 15 friends believed it to be a good idea and join me on this quest to honour my brother. So for me they are Heroes too, Superheroes in fact and come September 9th, I'll be proud to be laying in a crumpled heap with them all, barely able to speak and exhausted, but glowing in the sense of camaraderie, that you only get by putting yourself through something like this, with the knowledge of the sacrifices that needed to be made along the way. My brother constantly made sacrifices throughout his career, and had the courage and strength to put himself through some of the toughest courses the army has to offer. He achieved more in 12 years than most could ever dream off in a lifetime, ultimately he made the ultimate sacrifice, doing what he loved and believed in and sadly he won't be the last.

Inspiration doesn't come much stronger that.


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