HRM - is not an acronym for Hormone Replacement for my Moobs, but Heart Rate Monitor. I never thought for one moment that one little piece of kit would make so much difference to my training! For the first time since I started training I concentrated on working within aerobic zones trying to stay in the 60% as stipulated in my ParaFitness programme as oppose to trying to bust miles out at 8mins blah blah and actually achieving 9 and half if I was lucky, mainly because I was giving it the Charlie big bananas for the first couple then blowing out my arse all the way home for the remainder of a run. Tonight I completed 5 miles in under 45mins without stopping and still feeling comfortable, dare I say it, enough to be able to carry on if I'd wanted to. Now initially the pace seemed slow, especially as I kept looking at my wrist to see what my heart was doing on Caz's very fetching hot pink suunto, but by the end my combined average mile pace was quicker then it's been and I also felt a 1000% more confident about the task ahead. Admittedly by the end of the 5 miles my old body was working hard probably at about 80%, but I feel the best I've ever felt, all because I nicked Caz's pretty pink HRM!
The thieving has continued and since I've taken to wearing it on my runs, I'm definitely feeling better. I've managed 3 runs now at 5miles+ in 5 days (on alternate days), admittedly my knees are in rag, and probably for the time being need to temper my enthusiasm, but on the whole there is significant progress. Caz's Hot Pink Suunto is now Karl's Para Maroon Suunto (in the dark anyway)!
There appears to be a certain amount of hush about the place, various members of the team appear to have fallen into the abyss, as I've heard hide nor hair of them for a while, most noticably Bradders and Brooky. Bradders is normally quiet, but Brooky you can't normally keep quiet, so I'm starting to worry, might have to start a few fires and begin smoking a few of them out!
There are a few of the guys going above and beyond at the moment. Coley continues to knock out 20 miles, in preparation for the London Marathon, as if it's a leisurely stroll into town, and Olly is racking up the miles doing all sorts of events. This weekend it's the Milton Keynes Half Marathon, he suggested I should come along, I suggested he should..........I don't think I'm quite ready for Half Marathons again just yet. Cousin Craig continues to take to the task like the preverbial duck to water. As I was driving into Essex at the weekend Caz informs me that my Cuz had been out on his bike, which at first, sounded like she said 14k. I thought to myelf top effort, then she started reeling out the route, to which I enquired "did you say 14", "No, 40" came the reply. Now, I loves a bike ride, but I don't want the bike to become part of me, cos surely stuck in the saddle for that long, only one thing is gonna happen, and invariably it's going to involve a lot of lube and a crowbar! Not to be outdone however, Olly informs me, when I get into the office on Monday morning, that Sunday he'd racked up the best part of 5/6 hours and a 150k in the saddle, explains why he was walking a little funny at least! I'm beggining to think that in getting everyone involved in this event, I have created a monster, or a few of them anyway!
With the cold snap now a distant memory and the spring weather warming the cheeks, both facially and posteriorally (I think I just invented a new word), now is the time to crack on. In all but just over a week, it will be 6 months until we don up for the start line at Catterick. Excited? Yes. Apprehensive? Definitely. Prepared? Only time will tell, but we have 6 months and a target of 1hr 50mins, and with the spring and some months ahead and the base miles put in, and the HRM keeping a check on me, I'm more confident than ever!


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