Mans Best Friend.... not a dog, it's a beautiful red can, that gives off noxious gases when applied. The wondrous stence of Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning changing rooms up and down the land. That best friend is Deep Heat, and Craig has been applying as enthusiastically as mans other best friend dry humping your leg! The Xmas fallout has well and truly taken hold, Craig has been racking up the 'k's' and Garf has joined a gym, although I'm not sure how enamoured he is, because he said to me "what the f**k have you done to me?" He'll be thanking me when he's blowing out of his ass when we cross that finish line in 36 weeks time (I hope, otherwise he'll probably never talk to me again)! Adam, Bansky and Chris spent the Xmas holiday in Canada on the new fangled 'Jager Training' regime at altitude. Judging by the pictures theirs efforts were very successful, they really got stuck into their training, although you clearly haven't put enough effort into your workouts if your not needing to blow chunks come the end of it - must try harder boys!




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