Raging winds kettle bells and sore knackers!

my 1st proper attempt on this blog so bare with me.... my training has gone to new levels with the introduction of kettle bells....the session started off well after work in the gym on the vessel.... bit 5000 metres row, 20 minutes iinterval training, lunges squasts planks bench press the usual.... then i spotted a shiny new set of 16kg kettle bells, awesome i though give them a try, started with shouders presses, easy, then a lad said to try a pendulum squat... simple i thought untill on my 14th rep out of 15 i forgot to bend my legs and swiftly slammed the cannonball shaped clump weight into my goolies....needless to say the workout had halt there to prevent any further injuries to my crown jewels!

I have been on a high fibre protein eating plan which has resulted in force 9 winds escaping at both ends! are any of you experiencing similar side effects!!>???



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