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It's 9 days before Xmas.......

.......and not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse!! It's gone distinctly (some would say deafiningly so) quiet, over the last couple of weeks. I can only assume, that with all the training the boys have been doing, they are either too tired to write about their endeavours and are catching up on their valuable rest periods or the've got frostbite in their fingers because they've been getting themselves out in the cold early doors without gloves. However, I do wonder what they are up to........probably getting on it like a car bonnet, I fear come January 2nd the air will be rife with words of the very 'Blue' variety!

9 months..............

...........tomorrow! For some reason all of sudden it feels like the countdown has really begun, it must be going from double figure months to single figure months. But wonderful things can be achieved in 9 months, miracles even! It does feel now though, at the worst time of year possible to make vows of cutting out the alcohol, not eating anything bad for me, that the training needs to be stepped up. My structured training programme starts 9th Jan, and is regimentally planned right up to the event, all bar the events we'll be doing as a team to get the banter really going. So it looks like I'll be writing up my New Years resolutions a month early this year - humbug!

Every Man an Emporer.....

Every Man an Emperor, so the motto goes,
but for every man that can't be so,
for to be an Emperor, is something us mere mortals can Never know.
You walk in a land of Giants,
a place few dare to tread, where winning is the only option,
a place where only the bravest go,
whilst the rest of us sleep easy in our beds.
First in you are, always a little further you go,
to hell and back, a hell we'll never know.
And now that you've gone back there to regroup,
we pay tribute to you my brother, my best friend,
for an Emperor you truly are.

Raging winds kettle bells and sore knackers!

my 1st proper attempt on this blog so bare with me.... my training has gone to new levels with the introduction of kettle bells....the session started off well after work in the gym on the vessel.... bit 5000 metres row, 20 minutes iinterval training, lunges squasts planks bench press the usual.... then i spotted a shiny new set of 16kg kettle bells, awesome i though give them a try, started with shouders presses, easy, then a lad said to try a pendulum squat... simple i thought untill on my 14th rep out of 15 i forgot to bend my legs and swiftly slammed the cannonball shaped clump weight into my goolies....needless to say the workout had halt there to prevent any further injuries to my crown jewels!

I have been on a high fibre protein eating plan which has resulted in force 9 winds escaping at both ends! are any of you experiencing similar side effects!!>???