.......stepping it up!

With Paul's example ringing alarm bells in the ear lugs, Saturday sees myself in the gym for almost two hours, beasting myself until I'm done. All things cardio, including, the rower, treadmill and cross trainer. Then some strength work for the quads and the shoulders. Little did I know I'd suffer for it so bad come Sunday afternoon during John and I's 'nice' run as he referred to it. 'Nice' is to nondescript, it was hellish, but purely because my quads decided that they weren't having any of it, and staged a sit in after the beasting they got the day before! Without exaggerating for the most part it was 6 miles of agony, which in the grand scheme of things isn't worth writing about, however it gave us something to laugh about with my constant bitching! John just ploughed on like he'd been running miles all his life! Tomorrow morning at 0530 the route will be getting a pasting, as it's officially 10 months until the Challenge, and I've promised myself that that's when it gets really serious, preparation is everything, will miss my running partner though!


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