I am now the proud owner of a shiny new gym membership............again! although this one will be getting used to the full extent of its purpose rather then the 4 previous ones which turned out to be rather expensive sauna memberships. 1st personal training session booked for 8pm on thursday under the instruction of no mercy!  Nice job on the sponsorship forms Karl, look really smart mate, all printed and ready to go! So you have all your records up to date, Im collecting for Ella-Maes trust as well and the nickname for my shirt will be 'Beany' mate. If you dont hear from me thursday night it means I passed out at the gym session! x


  1. Excited! Finally a contribution fromm another member of the team. However, Karl has noticed a flaw in the system! As the account details are registered to just a single account, we are all going to be Rushy! Therefore 'Beany' (and everyone else who contributes), you might be best served putting your name at the end of your post. Especially as I haven't a clue right now who 'Beany' is :-)


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