Back in the groove........ the relative safety of Virgin Active Gym, there were no angry geese to contend with tonight and no fear of face planting into cow dung! I have the need to get rid of the same amount of weight that I'll be strapping on the back before next years event. Therefore, some serious cardio is on the menu for the next couple of months, to strip the excess before the real work starts. But whilst I'm doing that I shall be getting as much strength work done to beast the legs and begin the endurance work. 4 miles on the rower done tonight, along with some beasting on the treadmill for 20 mins with the gradient at full whack, with quad work to finish!

John continues to set the pace in the training stakes, booming out miles upon miles every week, although there appears to be a few guilt miles thrown in, due to beasting himself at the bar! Thankfully this week so far he's avoided the need to put us all to shame and strap some weight on again, although to be fair if he continues at this rate we'll all be coasting round the event with him dragging us along!

On another note it appears I need to remind the boys that they are all capable of updating this blog as they've all had the account details!! Boys check your emails and get updating!


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