The diary of a Marathon Runner!

My writing isn't as prolific as it should be, it's hard to keep on top of it, when you're trying to balance family, work, training and events and the small matter of a Challenge that absorbed a fair chunk of life for a couple of years, so I'm going to try and play catch up a bit, although a fair amount of my musings will probably end up in the story about The 100Peaks, but that's for later! So I've decide that I'm going to dedicate this post to write (or muse) purely about the Marathons I've taken on this year, marathon running in general and my experiences along the way. This year I completed Chester Ultra (50miles+)/Greater Manchester Marathon/Paris Marathon/Virgin Money London Marathon and The Milton Keynes Marathon.
While in the grand scheme of things taking on 4 Marathons and an Ultra during the course of a calendar year (January to December) isn't a big deal for many seasoned athletes, I do however believe it's an achievable goal for many…


Image a word that's used a lot nowadays, not that it's new, but it's out there more and it's obvious that more than ever, people are taking control of their lives and aiming to work to live as opposed to live to work. It's the only way, life is short, we don't get a second chance, and if you're not careful, it will pass you by. We all have our own way of 'living' there is no right way, or wrong way, the important thing is, is that you do, and you do what makes you happy, every day!
I'm no different and as I'm writing this, believe me FOCUS is a word very much at the front of my mind. The one thing I've stuck to, almost clung to, my whole adult life, is creating a plan. Sure, the plan doesn't always work out, and on the whole, most plans are a moving feast, but what it does do that is constant, is drive you forward, even when sometimes you feel like you're going backwards.
A week ago I smashed my knee open on some lava rock …

Beyond the last blue mountain.....

Image's been two weeks now since we completed The 100 Peaks Challenge and to say the post-challenge blues have set in is an understatement of epic proportions. Don't get me wrong being back home with my family is the best thing ever, especially after a month of what we had to endure. The moment the hotel door opened in the Travel Lodge in Merthyr, the night before we completed the Challenge, to reveal my littleman and gorgeous wife standing there, will live with me as one of the most precious moments of my life, ever.

However, there's something magical about pitting your wits against everything that nature can throw at you (bar midgie hell), which is immeasurably a lot easier to tolerate than being back in the daily big city grind, which poetically itches like midgie hell! There is no substitute for the freedom that affords you.

Over two years ago I had an idea, and I nurtured that idea (with some pretty significant help) into reality, on three fronts it has been suc…

30 days to go (no need to paniccccccccccccc)

Firstly my apologies as I publish this post, I've still got loads to catch up on from the second half of 2016 and the first part of 2017! I will get back to that I promise, there is some great stuff to write about, The Cateran Yomp, Berlin Marathon, The Winter Fan Dance - Trident Edition and my first official Ultra and a few Marathons in April (this month)!

But with 30 days to go and the weekend just gone being Lloydy's birthday it seemed appropriate to pen an update on The 100 Peaks Challenge.

We are now as you can imagine into the business end of the Challenge, with Ops and Logistics being the spearhead of our focus at the moment, even relatively simple tasks of getting to the start of the Challenge (Basecamp 1 - Glen Nevis) are more difficult than you can imagine, especially when you have no money as such to fund a Challenge like this! We have though been fortunate in the last week to receive a cash sum towards the Ops costs which means at least now we have some cashflow an…

2016 - Part Deux!

....the writing continues!
As a result of missing out on the ballot for London once again and no Charity place forthcoming, Milton Keynes became along with Manchester my focus for the Spring. It would be the first time since my younger days that I'd taken on two marathons in the course of a month. What was even more alluring about MK (not just that it's my home marathon) was that so many of the guys were determined to push their own limits and join me. For the majority of the guys that signed up with me, it would be their first marathons. That speaks volumes for the type of people supporting this Challenge.
For me it has become the norm, it's strange to think that marathons have become 'staple' training and in the months that follow and especially into the early part of 2017 they will become the basis of keeping 'easy' miles in the legs without putting the body under too much stress.
We all met up the night before at TGI's for some…